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Lockout Station for 20 Padlocks Products

Product Code:  LM-LS-20L

This station can be used to store:
  • Safety Lockout Padlocks - 20 each
  • Lockout Tags 
  • Safety Lockout Hasp 38mm (1-1/2”) Jaw Size – 1 Each
  • Safety Lockout Hasp 25mm (1-1/2”) Jaw Size – 1 Each

Product Name

Lockout Station for 20 Padlocks

Product Category

Lockout Stations

Product Description

Loto Master's Lockout Station for 20 padlocks can be used in situations where there is a requirement to store 20 padlocks for locking out 20 points. It also has compartments for storing hasps and tags.... Read more