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Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout Products

Product Code:  LM-AGVL


The Adjustable gate Valve Lockout from LOTOMASTERâ„¢ eliminates the need to buy three or more gate valve lockout devices by adjusting to fit multiple size gates. The unique design of adjustable gate valve lockout ensures that the gate valve is completely enclosed, for greater worker safety and tamper prevention. The durable, non-conductive polypropylene construction resists cracking and abrasion. The adjustable gate valve lockout locks out valves from 25mm to 165mm. The adjustable gate valve lockout has instructions imprinted on the side for a safe, effective lockout every time and comes with a danger label.


Instructions for use:
  • Fit the two halves of the valve cover over the hand wheel
  • Push fit the two halves together
  • Lock using a lockout padlock

Product Name

Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

Product Category

Valve Lockouts

Product Description

Our versatile, economical lockout device adjusts to fit 1" to 6 1/2" diameter valve handles, replacing 3 conventional gate valve lockouts. Its adjustable feature makes it unique and economical.It covers and rotates freely around the valve wheel. ... Read more